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7 Year Cycle Studying Talmud One Page a Day

Starts Jauary 5, 2020 - Ends June 7, 2027

Every 7 years, people all around the world cycle through studying a page a day of Talmud.

It’s called Daf Yomi (Daf - page; Yomi - of the day)

The next 7-year cycle begins on January 5, 2020 and will end on June 7, 2027.

 Would you like to sign up to attempt to participate in this learning with other TIOH members?

Here is the commitment:

You would receive an email once a day (a double email on Fridays – because it doesn’t come on Shabbat) that guides you through the study of one aspect of the that day’s Talmud page.  The one we are proposing is through the Steinsaltz Foundation.  You can see an example of one here.
You would study that email on your own daily (or whenever you are able)

Then once a month we would gather as a TIOH community of “Daf Yomi Students” via Zoom (or every few months in person) to choose ONE page/concept that we would study and talk about as a group



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