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HOTY HIKES - Runyon Canyon (RS 9th-12th Grades)

Saturday October 20th
10:45am - 1:30PM
Meet by TIOH Security Desk


Our first HOTY event of the year is here! We will be celebrating a beautiful Shabbat morning with a hike up Runyon Canyon. Meet us at 10:45am at TIOH. From there, we will be walking to Runyon where we will hike, get to know each other and eat some snacks. We will walk at an easy pace, so don’t worry about your hiking abilities! Don’t forget to bring a hat, sunscreen, lots of water, and maybe some snacks of your own.

Questions can go to our Youth Director Liana at lwertman@tioh.org. We should be back by 1:30PM. 

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